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New art & women's paintings by Lou Blitz

Daniel Robert, alias Lou Blitz, is an artist of art nouveau with a slight touch of sexual expression. His paintings do not show naked women, but even in a portrait, there is a sense of almost denuded beauty. It is this talent for sublimation that reinvents a form of nude painting that is “very correct”.

Discover these modern art exhibitions, these paintings of women by Lou Blitz, choose your favourite artworks and give your spaces a unique character.

The paintings of naked and unclothed women are of great beauty and rare elegance, a perfect blend of new art and art sexual. Lou Blitz is inspired by feminine beauty to create sublime works that evoke calm, sensuality and softness.

Lou Blitz likes to represent women in all their states. The one who looks at herself in the mirror, or the one who is lying on her bed, or the one who is playing with her hair. The artist likes to depict women in their rooms, lying on their beds, sometimes dressed only in their hair, in absolute contemplation.

Art sexual in interior design is an authentic and extravagant way to use feminine charm to enhance a space. Art sexual a form of conceptual art belonging to art nouveau, emphasising curves, naturalness and authenticity.

The modern art style is a period where artists tend to sublimate the real, the living. Here, Lou Blitz speaks a universal language through each female portrait and nude painting, the language of the body, of sensuality and emotions. Thus, dressing your home with one of her works of art is a way of bringing this universal language into your home to make a space a welcoming, simple and unfiltered environment.

Each nude painting offered by Lou Blitz is a source of emotions fuelled by a palette of bright and sparkling colours, just like a woman. art sexual in interior design is therefore the art of living.
Enjoying Lou Blitz’s artworks is to bring an unparalleled cachet to your home.

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