The biography of Daniel Robert, alias Lou Blitz, is written with sympathetic ink.

Great-great-grandson of the famous Jaques Alleon, founder of the first Ottoman bank and friend of the Rothschilds, Foulds, Pereire and Sina (the richest men of the time), Daniel was not, however, raised on a silver spoon. At the beginning of the Turkish revolution, the family was forced to emigrate to France with nothing and start a new life. Daniel understood that one had to work hard to succeed in life. Not having inherited the banking and financial talent of his great-grandparents, Daniel developed his enormous creative talent by attending the Saint-Luc School of Communication (Catholic University of Leuven) from which he graduated “magna cum laude”.

At a very young age, he was appointed head of the creative group and responsible for the image of the “PublicisGroup”  one of the oldest and largest marketing and communication companies in the world.

He soon founded his own advertising agency,Robert&Partners”, which became one of the main partners in marketing and advertising in France.

Iconic creator of the great advertising campaigns of the 80s and 90s, which have remained in the French collective memory, one of which has even become a French expression translated into all other languages: “Bonjour les dégâts! A short list of campaigns: Un verre ça va, trois verres, bonjour les dégâts“, “SNCF, c’est possible“, “Bison Futé“, “Euroland: Liberté, je chéris ton non., etc.  Daniel Robert alias Lou Blitz, has devoted his entire life to creativity in many fields: linguistic, visual and artistic. Some books have come out of his hands, one of which has been translated into Japanese. He has also been an advertising photographer, specialising in beauty, fashion and lingerie, operating under the pseudonym Lou Blitz.

A feminist before his time, he avoids the female OBJECT to focus on the female SUBJECT, subject of a respectful desire, offering the two poles of a paradoxical image that could be described as sexy-sane. Beyond the drawing or photo of a woman, Lou Blitz tells a story. Photographed or portrayed by him, a woman becomes a person who is not a nobody. It is therefore with great freedom of spirit that he shares with us his exceptionally rich creative experience.

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