Lou Blitz offers you a collection of paintings of naked women representing the woman in her most natural and pure state. It is the representation of woman in her simplest expression. Lou Blitz does not seek to show an idealized representation of woman, but woman as she is, in her simplest form.

Lou Blitz takes you on an encounter with the beauty and simplicity of the female figure, the female face and the female gaze. In these modern works of art, all women are represented, brunettes, redheads, blondes, Europeans, Indians… Women are beautiful, whatever they are, and this is what painter Lou Blitz wanted to bring out through each female portrait in his collection. The tightly focused portraits, centred solely on the woman’s face, highlight the delicate and moving beauty of women, as well as their expressions in all their forms: sensual, discreet, shy, charming, thoughtful, and even sulky or angry. For Lou Blitz, the female portrait is an opportunity to bring out in all simplicity all the charm that a woman’s face contains and all the emotions that it lets us see in our daily lives.

Lou Blitz also offers daring, authentic and universal representations of the modern woman, who assumes her femininity. The woman represented in these works of art plays with her charms, exposes her femininity and does not care about stereotypes. She reveals her intimate charms and her most beautiful assets.
These more daring portraits, anchored in a new art that can be described as sexy art, represent a wild, natural and true sensuality. These naughty, sensual and provocative portraits are a representation of the assertive woman but also of a sensuality and sexuality assumed.

With his collection, Lou Blitz allows you to discover the painting of naked women, to share the expression of the female body without any modesty, without any restraint and to perceive this universal emotion that he shares with us.

Discover below all the sexy and modern female artworks signed Lou Blitz.

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