Nude woman painting: why choose Lou Blitz’s artworks?

When you walk into an art gallery, you will see hundreds of works of art. But if you are asked to choose a painting, most of the time, the nude woman painting is the most attractive. Is this a good reason to buy it? And why not! 

So, why not try to integrate a new art painting like a nude woman painting into your interior decoration?

Art nouveau reinvented by the artist Lou Blitz

Art Nouveau is an artistic and literary movement that developed in the last third of the 19th century. It is characterised by a particular aesthetic style, feelings of liberation and modernity, and an ideal of beauty in keeping with the needs of the modern human body.

In terms of decorative arts, the art nouveau style is inspired by the plant world: foliage and flower motifs are combined with metal, wood and glass structures. For this reason, through their artworks, the new artists sought to break the norms and invent their own way of expressing, communicating and sharing.

Art Nouveau is an artistic movement based on the aesthetics of curved lines. Although this method developed particularly in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, some artists continue to pay homage to this artistic style. In this way, each painter will adapt this movement according to his own desires.

Daniel Robert is an artist known as Lou Blitz. A great adept of this style of art, this painter offers paintings of naked women, relatively evocative.

Artworks signed Lou Blitz: discovering paintings of nude women

Lou Blitz expresses himself through digital painting. He then proposed paintings within the art nouveau movement. However, unlike his illustrious predecessors, the artist Lou Blitz does not paint animals, flowers or still lifes. He chose to paint curves, and not just any curves, female curves. Indeed, through these sexy art paintings, he wants to bring out the power of women and the natural and provocative charm they exude.

It is also noticeable in each nude painting that the colours used are rather bright and flashy. This redefines the subjects to be approached, changing the codes and proposing daring paintings.



Nude painting in interior decoration

Lou Blitz artworks have a contemporary look and feel. They can be used to decorate a room by adding a bit of eroticism and eccentricity to a room, while at the same time showing elegance and sobriety. You can put them for example in a living room, a bedroom or in your office.

The painting of a nude woman will have several advantages in interior decoration, in particular those of the artist Lou Blitz whose colours bring cachet and dynamism. The painting of a nude woman will thus raise the decoration and the charm of a room, but also bring a very contemporary allure thanks to its curved forms and its flamboyant colours. Preferably, opt for a refined interior decoration to highlight the painting. Also, given the colours and eccentricity of these works of art, they are best suited to interiors with clean, neutral lines. You can then choose to match it with other decorative objects to bring brightness to many areas of your room.

Lou Blitz’s artworks are available to buy online, so you can choose the nude woman painting that will enhance your decoration while enjoying its delivery to your home. So don’t wait any longer to discover Lou Blitz new art gallery!

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