Nude painting Lou Blitz: when x-art becomes more and more attractive!

X-art paintings are a present of choice for singles, but also for art lovers and collectors. These are original pieces that are not to be found easily in shops. For those who are not yet familiar with x-art and would like to learn more about painting of nude women and the artist Lou Blitz, please do not hesitate to check it out.

The role of art and the place of x-art

Most people think that art is a difficult subject to discuss. But the reality is that there is no such simple concept as art. Indeed, that’s just the beauty of it. There are no rules, no complex explanations. In fact, there is only freedom and lightness. It is simply a beautiful thing that brings us together and that we have the privilege of enjoying freely.

Art is also and above all, a way of communicating and sharing. Moreover, the perception of the same work can be different from one person to another, and this is what allows it to be appropriated.

X-art is a category of art that is related to the body and its beauty. Thus, x-art gives free rein to the collective thought and vision of the body, sensuality, human charm and sexuality. So, x-art brings together all those for whom sexuality is not a taboo and is valued at its true worth. 

X-art and nude paintings

Lou Blitz x-art paintings are a great way to decorate your home or office with a touch of sensuality and femininity. The x Lou Blitz artworks come in a variety of sizes, which means you can either opt for a nude woman painting to hang on a wall, or a nude woman painting that can be placed on an easel.

The beauty of the human body has been a source of inspiration for artists like Lou Blitz for centuries. Harmonious forms, delicate contours, mysterious intimacy. This is the quintessence of the artistic nudes that enjoy unabated popularity among art lovers. This sensual decoration will find its place particularly in a room like a bedroom or a dining room, bringing an additional cachet, and not the least, to your interior decoration.


Who is Daniel Robert, alias Lou Blitz?

Daniel Robert, alias Lou Blitz, is a contemporary artist. The beauty of his paintings is such that it inspires and overwhelms art lovers. The talent of this artist, his view of the female body and his way of sublimating it make Lou Blitz a great artist.

But Daniel Robert has not always been creating artwork. Indeed, he also has a great career as a photographer, which shows his deep attraction for art and the beauty of reality.

He is therefore a double artist who juggled for some time between advertising agency (Robert & Partners) and photography, already known under the name of Lou Blitz. He then combined his taste for painting with the discovery of digital… which avoids some paint stains! It is thus quite naturally that he develops digital works in a new dimension of contemporary art that can be qualified as x-art, where the aestheticism of the woman’s body is reflected in each painting of nude women of the artist.

 To find out more about Lou Blitz’s unique sexy paintings, click here.

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