Enjoy a sensual decoration with our sexy paintings!

Erotic art can be defined as an artistic instrument to highlight the evolution of morals, the status of women and sexuality. By choosing one of our sexy pictures, you will acquire a daring and committed piece of art that will be a real added value for your interior decoration. You can choose to show your painting in a living room or a corridor and let your guests discover it during their visit.

Lou Blitz : who is our artist ?

Our sexy paintings are created by Lou Blitz. This artist has his roots in Art Nouveau. Indeed, fascinated by the female curves, he decided to put them in the spotlight in his works. His paintings seek to pay tribute to women by giving them power and seduction. His works are to be discovered on our online shop.

Lou Blitz tries to underline the fashion of the woman-object, to make her a woman-subject. She then becomes the object of a respectful desire, we could call it sexy-saint.


What do our sexy paintings represent?


Thus, our sexy paintings want to represent the woman in all her aspects. The idea is to offer original works of art that have real character. Indeed, these works allow to put forward the positive values of women. They will therefore want to reveal a part of their body, while respecting a certain modesty. It is a way of representing women in a new light, highlighting their beauty, their power of seduction and above all, their strength.

You will find paintings created through digital painting. Our sexy paintings are colourful, flashy and intense. Our artist has tried to capture the feminine curves of his subjects to highlight them. Thus, you can find our sexy paintings in the collections of the gallery including:

We offer you artworks that will delight you, artworks that are sexy but far from being vulgar!


Create a sexy charming but elegant decoration

Our sexy paintings seek to add a touch of rebellion to your interior by shaking up the norms and by putting forward female body language. Our artworks are then erotic pieces that remain respectful. This is what we call sexy-sain. Our sexy paintings can be displayed in any room of a house: bedroom, living room, dining room, hallway, kitchen, office, entrance hall or even stairwell.

You can use these works of art for a sensual but elegant decoration of your home. Because of the eccentric colours of our paintings, you can perfectly highlight them in a sober and elegant interior. Indeed, placed on a white wall, our sexy pictures will stand out much more than on a coloured wall. The decorative effect and the beauty of the painting will be much more present.

This sexy but elegant decoration will add a certain sensuality to your room while keeping a refined and distinguished spirit. Thus, our paintings can be installed in any room of your house and harmonize with any other work of art present in your home such as a sculpture or another painting.

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