Art nouveau: discover the sexy paintings created by Lou Blitz!

Art Nouveau is an artistic movement based on the aesthetics of curved lines. Although this movement became more popular at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, some artists continue to pay tribute to this artistic style. This is the case of Lou Blitz. A great adept of this art, this painter offers sexy, slightly provocative paintings. But who is he exactly and what does he propose? Let’s take a look together.

What is art nouveau?

Art Nouveau is an artistic movement from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. This movement is characterised by the emphasis on curves. Unlike many other movements, Art Nouveau did not seek to promote specific techniques imported by an artist or group of artists. Thus, each painter will adapt this movement according to his own style, his own desires.

As a result, Art Nouveau artists wanted to free themselves from the norms and invent their own form of expression, their own style, without any imitation. For this, the themes are generally about nature, animals, flowers and other non-living elements. Also, the colours are often soft and clear.

What does Lou Blitz offer?

Daniel Robert is an artist acting under the name Lou Blitz. His preferred form of expression is digital painting. He offers paintings under the Art Nouveau movement. However, unlike his illustrious predecessors, he does not paint animals, flowers or still life. He chose to paint female curves. Indeed, in his sexy paintings, he wanted to highlight the power of women and give them the importance they deserve in our society.

What is also noticeable in his artworks is that the colours used are not soft and clear, but rather bright and flashy. In this way, Lou Blitz offers a completely new definition of Art Nouveau. While keeping the importance of curved lines, he redefines the subjects to be approached, he changes the codes and offers daring, slightly committed paintings.


How to harmonise sexy paintings with your interior?

Lou Blitz’s sexy paintings are daring works of art with a modern look and aesthetic. They can be used to decorate an interior and add a little eroticism and eccentricity to a room, while remaining elegant and sober.

Indeed, these sexy pictures can be used in many rooms: living room, dining room, bedroom or office… without having to have a very erotic interior or rich in bright colours, quite the contrary. The sexy pictures will enhance a room while bringing a touch of originality and a very contemporary aspect thanks to their curved shapes and flashy colours.

To decorate your interior with this type of Art Nouveau, it is suggested to opt for a sober decoration. Indeed, given the colours and eccentricity of these works, they are better suited to interiors with a pure and neutral style. They bring a touch of liveliness and are more prominent. In this way, sexy paintings will be the focal point of a room and will work well with another decorative object such as a sculpture, an abstract painting or horloge.

 To find out more about Lou Blitz’s unique sexy paintings, click here.

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